About Athletic Propulsion LabsĀ®

Based in Los Angeles, Athletic Propulsion Labs® was founded in 2009 and is the brainchild of twin brothers, Adam and Ryan Goldston, who are former basketball and football players from the University of Southern California. The company is dedicated to providing exclusive high-performance athletic footwear and apparel products utilizing a combination of breakthrough technology, advanced materials and innovative product design.

As former high school and college athletes, the Goldston brothers, along with many athletes and weekend warriors, consistently pursue a higher level of athletic achievement and endurance. Increasing their vertical leap became the ultimate challenge and inspiration for their technological quest, which is personified by the company's brand platform, STOP DREAMING™. JUMP HIGHER.

Released in limited quantities, the APL's basketball line features the company breakthrough Load 'N Launch™ patented technology designed to instantly increase the vertical leap of those who play in the basketball shoes. This revolutionary technology provides maximum rebound effect through a unique device to help propel the athlete upward. The Load 'N Launch™ technology is housed in a cavity in front of the ball of the foot that reacts to direct compression applied by the athlete. With a lightweight, sleek design featuring extensive carbon fiber synthetics, the line is distinctive both on and off the court. The company also launched its ultra-exclusive Men's and Women's Athletic Propulsion Labs® Joyride, TechLoom Pro, and Windchill running shoe lines featuring a similarly innovative Load 'N Launch™ and Propelium running technology. This was then followed by a new high-performance apparel line released in January of 2015.