Load 'N Launch™ Technology

Load 'N Launch™ Technology

The vast majority of athletic footwear companies focus their research and development efforts on shock absorption and cushioning.  While this is clearly important in the manufacture of athletic footwear, it does little to help increase the vertical leap of an athlete. In fact, most technologies in the athletic footwear market are in the heel area of the shoe, though jumping occurs in the forefoot just in front of the ball of the foot through the toes.  The forefoot is the most critical part of the basketball shoe for vertical leaping and this is where the Athletic Propulsion Labs™ Load ‘N Launch™ system is located.

The technology itself features a unique device that serves as a “launch pad” housed inside a cavity at the front of the shoe, which compresses (The “Load” phase) and then releases (The “Launch” phase) as the athlete exerts force on the front of the foot.  The patented Load ‘N Launch device (US Patent # 8,347,526 B2) is uniquely designed to capture the maximum amount of energy through the compression caused by exerting pressure on the forefoot and then releasing the energy through the propulsion and liftoff stage to increase vertical leap. The device works in unison with a high-pressure Thermoplastic Urethane shank that extends through the arch of the foot.  This serves to help stabilize the foot and efficiently transfer energy created by the athlete toward the area of the basketball shoe that impacts vertical leap.

In testing situations, athletes have experienced increases of several inches on their vertical leap wearing Athletic Propulsion Labs™ basketball shoes with the Load ‘N Launch™ technology.  In some cases, athletes who were the proverbial “inches away” from being able to dunk a basketball on the regulation 10-foot basket, were able to dunk the ball when wearing Athletic Propulsion Labs™ shoes.  These are not training shoes.  Athletic Propulsion Labs™ has created actual playing shoes designed to make players jump higher during a game – increasing the benefits to a player’s jump shot, rebounding, dunking and shot blocking ability.

While results will vary based upon the athletic ability and physical conditioning of those wearing Athletic Propulsion Labs™ shoes, the Load ‘N Launch™ technology is designed to provide an instant advantage to virtually everyone who wears the product and engages in jumping on a basketball court.

Load 'N Launch™ Testing & Results

We have examined every aspect of the Concept 1 basketball shoe, from the materials used to the placement of our Load ‘N Launch™ technology.  Our wear testers indicated they had seen a noticeable increase in their vertical leaps, felt lighter on their feet, and were more explosive for longer periods of time which was then verified through independent testing.

Above: Photos of the APL Concept 1 basketball shoe testing conducted at a leading West Coast University using Kistler force plates and the Vertec device. Test participants achieved up to 3.5 inches of increased vertical leap in APL Concept 1 shoes.
We tested our shoes at a leading United States university's biomechanics lab with two biomechanics PhDs who specialize in vertical leap.  To measure the vertical leap of the participants, we used both a vertec and Kistler Force Plates.  We chose to use both a vertec and Kistler Force Plates because the vertec is what both the NBA and NFL combines use to measure the official vertical leap of the participants and Kistler Force Plates are considered the gold standard for measuring vertical leap within the scientific community.  The PhDs compared Athletic Propulsion Labs™ Concept 1 against a leading brands most expensive high performance basketball shoe.  
The two biomechanics PhDs, who specialize in vertical leap, concluded that Athletic Propulsion Labs™ Concept 1 provided a STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT increase in vertical leap compared to a leading brands most expensive high performance basketball shoe.  Furthermore, they concluded that the participants were able to jump higher using less energy which translated to the wearer feeling lighter on their feet and more explosive for longer periods of time.  The researchers independently observed and concluded participants were able to jump higher instantly.  The PhDs noticed that the more the participants wore the shoes, the more they used the proper technique needed to correctly engage the device, which translated to higher jumps.
In the testing environment at this university's biomechanics lab, 11 of the 12 participants jumped higher instantly in Athletic Propulsion Labs™ shoes compared to the leading brands most expensive high performance basketball shoe.  In addition, some participants saw an increase of up to 3.5 inches instantly in their vertical leap.  In a game that is all about inches and explosiveness, any extra increase a player achieves in vertical leap can potentially translate into grabbing more rebounds, blocking more shots, and even scoring more points.

The Science of Jumpology

The Athletic Propulsion Labs™ Load ‘N Launch™ system is designed to maximize a player’s compression-propulsion-lift off response.

We’ve dubbed this The Science of Jumpology.

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