For sneaker buffs, we have a few hints on how to clean your APL’s from throwing them in the washing machine on select styles to simple cleaning techniques. The TechLoom Tracer, TechLoom Pro, TechLoom Phantom, TechLoom Bliss, TechLoom Breeze, TechLoom Wave and Big Logo TechLoom Slides can all go into washing machine with the exception of any APLs that are metallic, contain crystals, calf hair, leather, wool or our sweater slides. We recommend using Dreft laundry detergent, but cleaning results may vary and are not guaranteed.

  1. Drizzle your detergent of choice over the dirtiest parts of you APLs (and make sure to put a towel under the shoes).
  2. Place your APLs in the washer and do not mix light and dark colors. If using Dreft, we recommend filling the cap to the fourth bar. Use cold water and the quickest wash setting. Include a small towel, but do not wash with other clothes. You can wash up to three pairs of APLs at once in a standard washing machine.
  3. Optional: to get excess water out of the TechLoom fabric, you can use a short (no more than ten minutes) spin cycle.
  4. Let your APLs air dry, do NOT put them in the dryer.

APL basketball shoes never go in the washing machine. Use a laundry detergent, light colored cleaning‎ cloth and warm (not hot water) to spot clean the basketball shoes when they are dirty.

If you own one of our other styles including but not limited to the APL Concept X and APL SUPERFUTURE basketball shoes, Ascend and Lusso training shoes, metallic, crystal, APL cashmere or wool knit styles, we recommend Jason Markk’s Essential Kit which comes with a liquid cleaner and brush. See APL does not guarantee cleaning results with these products.