There are two phases in a runner's gait cycle: the Stance Phase and the Swing Phase. The Stance Phase is when the runner's foot is in contact with the ground, while the Swing Phase is when the runner's foot is in the air. The patented APL LOAD 'N LAUNCH® technology for running is specifically designed to enhance the "propulsion effect" at the toe-off phase of the gait cycle (in the Stance Phase) and reduce the amount of energy expended by the runner to achieve a given result.

The LOAD 'N LAUNCH® device for running shoes is implanted in a forefoot cavity and specifically engineered with 6 compression springs, which compress during foot strike, begin to release during mid stance and then fully release during the final stage of the Stance Phase, which is toe-off or "propulsion". In order to increase running speed an increase in force or pressure is required when the forefoot strikes the ground.

The LOAD 'N LAUNCH® 6-spring running device is designed to maximize force by combining the exertion produced by the runner with the compression/release assistance of the 6-spring system.


Propelium™ is a unique compound developed by APL® for use in its EVA running shoe midsole and outsole on the Joyride and TechLoom Pro models. The material is designed to provide enhanced cushioning, shock absorption and energy generation, while extending the life of the midsole structure. Propelium should help the running shoe midsole maintain a higher level of structural integrity through extended use by the runner.