The Athletic Propulsion Labs® Load ‘N Launch™ system is designed to maximize a player’s compression-propulsion-liftoff response.

We’ve dubbed this, "The Science of Jumpology."

How It Works

The Athletic Propulsion Labs® Concept 1 Basketball shoe technology is centered around a revolutionary patent-pending propulsion device, which is implanted in a cavity under the forefoot, in front of the ball of the foot and the flex zone. Further back on the outsole of the shoe lies the unique high density Thermosplastic Urethane Load ‘N Launch™ shank, which provides another level of engagement in the compression-propulsion-liftoff response. The propulsion shank provides a level of stability between the forefoot and the heel while also absorbing shock and enhancing the transfer of energy to the Load ‘N Launch™ forefoot device to maximize vertical leap performance.

Cushioning, Comfort and Energy Return

The beauty of the Load ‘N Launch™ device is that while it is embedded under the forefoot in the midsole, the individual wearing Athletic Propulsion Labs® basketball shoes cannot feel the device against their foot. In addition, we utilize extremely high rebound EVA in the midsole of the shoe, as well as in the insole that lies underneath the sockliner of the shoe. The resultant effect is that we maximize cushioning, comfort and the return of energy to the foot during the jumping or liftoff phase.

The Load Sequence

In the Load Sequence, the APL's Load ‘N Launch™ system relies upon an integrated response curve that begins the instant an athlete starts the jumping process. As the athlete applies force to the front of the foot during the Load Sequence in preparation for liftoff, the Load ‘N Launch™ forefoot device and the high-rebound EVA midsole compress in unison. This action generates an enormous amount of energy exerted downward into the device.

The Launch Sequence

During the Launch Sequence, the athlete begins to release the massive force that has been exerted downward and the energy is transferred in reverse order up through the Load ‘N Launch™ device. This reaction creates a dramatic sensation of lift that increases the vertical leap of the athlete wearing the shoe. While results will vary depending upon the athletic ability, physical condition, body weight and muscle fiber response levels within certain individuals, the Athletic Propulsion Labs® shoes featuring the Load ‘N Launch™ system have provided as much as 3.5 inches of additional vertical leap to athletes wearing the shoes. Because of the unique construction of the device and its location in the shoe, certain athletes have found that the more they wear the Athletic Propulsion Labs® shoes and understand what it can instantly do for them, the more benefit they seem to derive from the Load ‘N Launch™ device.